Having originally studied art and graphic illustration in the 1970s at North Devon College and Cornwall College of Art, I continued to develop as an artist working as illustrator and draughtsman in a variety of different jobs. Moving to a larger home in North Devon with more space has recently enabled me to return to my love of painting.

I now create images inspired by Exmoor National Park and the wonderful beaches and craggy coastline of the area, using a variety of media such as acrylic, oil, watercolour, crayon and pastel. In my landscapes I try to capture the unique mood of North Devon with wind swept trees, reflective wet sands and moody storm laden skies. In my pen and ink drawings, I use my own preparation of Bideford Black pigment to emphasise the contrast between light and dark to enhance their dramatic impact. My style is constantly evolving. The media I choose is often mixed as I strive to refine and develop the overall image. I have an aspiration to create an image of effortless and confident brushwork which can be hampered by my education in illustrative graphics. However, this constant tension and trial by ordeal allows each composition to develop with creative passion.

In my paintings, the observer may sense the emotional highs and lows I have experienced during the creative process. However, there comes a time when a happy and fortuitous revision can occur, my confidence grows and the work in progress becomes painfully finalised.

Kindly edited by Dr Felix Underwood, anaesthetist.

“Every now and then one paints a picture that seems to have opened a door and serves as a stepping stone to other things.”
Pablo Picasso

9 Priory Close
Devon EX31 1QX

Through Facebook as Al Brown.
Tel:- 07805 000 630


P1030431 (2) copy

During the 1970s/80s I played music in London & Birmingham and lived in dubious squats playing bass in many failed jazz/funk/fusion bands. In recent years In recent times I have returned to playing the acoustic guitar as well as the old bass. I have written about 45 songs so far and for those interested there are a couple of sad videos on YouTube under Al Brown.
I have travelled independently to many countries in the world and worked in places including, Kathmandu Nepal, Bangkok Thailand, Oahu in Hawaii, Paris, New York, Ubud in Bali, Beijing China, Hong Kong and Jogjakarta Java etc. My wife and I particularly like South East Asia and Nepal. By the way Koh Samet used to be a wonderful Island.
I have worked as a Beach Lifeguard, at the North Devon Leisure Centre where I became a swimming instructor, athletics coach and Gym Instructor.

In Hong Kong I worked as a movie extra in Kung Fu movies. The company also filmed King Gambler, Murder She Wrote and Shanghai Surprise. I worked as an English Teacher to the Triads, as a bamboo scaffolder and in sales for the Marriot Hotel Asia.
Other jobs I’ve undertaken include Draughtsman, Production Designer, Musician, Masseur, Scaffolder, Fine Art Dealer, I worked for the Hatton Garden Diamond Centre, as a Security Guard in London, Barman, Welder, Job Recruitment Adviser, Photographer, Picture Framer, Illustrator, Packaging Designer, Artist and enthusiastic beach bum to name the ones I can remember.
Presently I am working for the Northern Devon Healthcare Trust as a semi-retired Registered Nurse, practising in their operating theatres.  I specialise in Trauma, General Surgery & Elective Orthopaedic Surgery.
Please enjoy my journey so far.  Al

Plough Arts Centre in Torrington.
The Burton Gallery Exhibitions in Bideford.
The White Moose ‘Black Arts’ Exhibition in Barnstaple.
Hatherleigh Festival ‘solo’ 2019.
Pilton Arts Old School ‘Black Arts’ Exhibition.
Instow RNLI Exhibitions.
Regular Art Trek Exhibitor.

5 thoughts on “ABOUT ME …

  1. Thank you Al for stopping by my Blog and for the like! I follow your Blog now! You had many experiences in life which is great! My name is Carolina I am an independent artist, designer and illustrator and I love to paint with watercolor and ink and more…. As you are I am a creative soul that love to express creativity working with different mediums! When I don’t paint or drawing I love photography and digital art and sometimes I write poetry also I love music and create art for music lately I create a painting dedicated to Scottish band “The Twilight Sad” they were the support band for “The Cure” in their worldwide 2016 Tour that just ended a week ago in Wembley Stadium https://yesterdayafter.com/2016/10/27/new-release-limited-edition-art-print-the-twilight-sad/ . I am Well I enjoyed your paintings and if you like my Blog and to see what I am up to you can always follow back! Have a great week! 🙂 Carolina

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  2. Al, great rendering of the Beaufighter… my Uncle Jack is shown in the 235 Squadron photo, standing on the wing to the left.

    Odie Waters
    Boerne Texas

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