Blue Sea Inversions.

Three abstracts entitled, BARRICANE BEACH 1 2 & 3

Just a few experimental abstracts using some of my recent paint palettes and finally refined by using digital inversions. Colours inspired by two beaches in North Devon, Combesgate & Barricane. Al

Hercules over Saunton Sands.

IMG_1868Whilst walking around Croyde and Saunton searching for a little artistic inspiration I noticed fire tenders from RAF Chivenor on Saunton Beach.  On enquiry I discovered that a Hercules C130J was going to practise take off and landings.  After a few cups of tea and then venturing down the beach I witnessed the wonderful spectacle of a Hercules undergoing Tactical Operations.  From my photographs taken that evening I’ve painted this acrylic on canvas impression.  Canvas size 36  x 36″.  Al

Below are a few paint palette abstracts used during the painting of this image.