Glen Etive.

IMG_E0815Recently I was having dinner with friends when I noticed a familiar image on their wall.  A photograph taken by my host Adrian Beasley of Glen Etive.  I recalled drawing this in pen & ink in the 1980s and decided to go in search for it.  After half an hour in my attic I discovered it wrapped up with some other Cornwall College of Art work but the original has sadly got some brown foxing on it.  After a little work on my laptop this is the old image renewed.  I was quite into stippling with a Rotring Inkpen at this time and had to constantly throw my eyes out of focus to unify the overall tones.  Quite laborious as you can imagine.  I can happily say that I do not use this type of rendering any more due to my aged and decrepit eyes!  Al

On the Braunton Marsh.

duck on the marshPen & Ink drawing of a duck on the Braunton Marsh 320 x 260mm.  At the moment this wonderful habitat to wildlife and beautiful area of Braunton is under threat as a dyke has broken down and the sea in moving inland.  The Braunton Marshes are a hidden asset of North Devon supporting wildlife of national and international importance. It’s now under imminent serious threat. An environmental disaster is looming on the horizon due to a sea breach of great significance unless immediate action is undertaken by relevant parties.

Please visit the Facebook page, Friends of Braunton Marsh

Please also sign the petition please.  visit


Autumn sun in the Doone Valley.

Doone ValleyAfter a walk on Exmoor and an iPhone shot this is the result.   A pen & ink sketch of a scene along the walk.  I loved the stark brightness of the Autumn sun and decided to draw what I saw.  The highlights along the path really stand out this time of year.  This will be printed as a limited edition as seen below.  A few adjustments have been made and the sun’s shine has been made more circular.  Al

Billy Gibbons.


Billy Gibbons (Pen & Ink with some Bideford Black coal based pigment) 290mm x320mm.  Just a brief travel back to my draughtsman & illustration days to produce this study of the Famous Mr Gibbons from ZZ Top.  Managed to see them at this year’s Glastonbury Festival and still rocking!  Al

Photograph courtesy of Kerry Langford Photography & thanks for allowing me to draw.

Pilton Church.

1517394_751156304935105_7386878603416680607_nPilton Church February 2014.  My local church just behind where I live and twice a week we hear the bells.  Not a religious person but I love walking around the old graveyard here.  I am still trying to find a printer/scanner big enough to manage this picture.  My intention is to make a run of limited additions.

With my more Buddhistic and Eastern beliefs I’ve managed to incorporate a rather nice OM into the evergreen tree on the left.