Pictures At An Exhibition….

IMG_4225Tiz me at the Instow Yacht Club annual RNLI exhibition.  Looking like a character from The Grapes Of Wrath straight from work. Hopefully I can manage to sell at least one picture to keep me in paints and brushes, so if you live close to Instow in North Devon please come along and have a look.  Lots of paintings, jewelry, ceramics & textiles.  Sadly no paintings sold but managed to part with a few prints, that’s showbiz.  AL



Finished portrait of my wife Donna.  Quite a small composition of 12″ X 10″ acrylic on canvas.  I’m quite pleased with this although quite a journey to go to achieve satisfactory skin tones etc.  But on the whole it’s certainly her…. Al

Field Leading To Manning’s Pit.

DSC06786This is a mixed media painting of a wonderful stretch of English countryside near to where I live in Pilton, North Devon, England.  There is a rather sad fate hanging over it’s head as developers are hoping to build a housing estate on it.  For all residents this is a terrible thing to happen as most of us have spent our childhoods playing in the river, fields and woods of this beautiful area.  Let’s hope it stays that way for our children to enjoy too.