Save Manning’s Pit!

A few pictures of a wonderful area close to where I live called Manning’s  Pit.  I live in a village called Pilton, North Devon.  Nearby is a wonderful stretch of water and woodland called Manning’s Pit.  This is under threat of development for a housing estate.  The people who intend this are property speculators, who like elsewhere, and have no sympathy for the local’s wishes.  We have grown up and played in these fields.  Our children have grown up and played in these fields and the area is a great community asset.  Please visit the Save Manning’s Pit page of Facebook and follow the directions to post a protest vote.  Please save Manning’s Pit!  Al

Winter Sun On The Taw.

(500mmx 230mm) Out for a cycle ride along the Tarka Trail and took this picture with my crappy broken camera.  It’s held together with plasters and glue.  Later I completed this pen & ink drawing and I wasn’t sure about it; should it be banished to the bin?  But gradually it’s grown on me.  Funny what you personally think and when you hear other’s opinions you see it from a different angle.  AL

Crow Point Between The Storms.


Mixed media painting using acrylic, watercolour & pastel (530mm x 370mm).
A wonderfully exposed beach and dune area where the rivers Taw & Torridge meet in North Devon.  Usually quiet and not too crowded.  It’s also a nature reserve and training area for the Royal Marines.  It is slowly being eroded by the elements along with its ship wrecks.  Please see my The Sea Mack at Crow Point pen and ink drawing.  The picture on the left is the home of it’s new owner a perfect setting I think.

The Sea Mack at Crow Point.

Pen & Ink drawing of the Sea Mack.  The wrecked ship lies at Crow Point in North Devon and is gradually deteriorating under the exposed beach and heavy tides.  Soon to be no more I think.  In colour the boat is brightly coloured with many coats of paint.  Not a lot is know about this boat and it is referred to as, a fishing boat, a barge and a ferry tug.  If anyone has any more information I’d love to know it’s full history.

  This pen and ink illustration is now a signed print and is available from

Field Leading To Manning’s Pit.

DSC06786This is a mixed media painting of a wonderful stretch of English countryside near to where I live in Pilton, North Devon, England.  There is a rather sad fate hanging over it’s head as developers are hoping to build a housing estate on it.  For all residents this is a terrible thing to happen as most of us have spent our childhoods playing in the river, fields and woods of this beautiful area.  Let’s hope it stays that way for our children to enjoy too.