Some of the work completed in 2020.

These are a few of the paintings I’ve completed this year! I would like to say thank you to all the encouragement I’ve received and those that have purchase a little bit of me! I will return to the easel in 2021 with a vengeance and hopefully with new found enthusiasm after an odd 2020! Oh and yes I now realise there are two of the same pictures in this collage, my wife’s so smart! Al

The end of a stressful 2020 a collage of work colleagues at NDDH.

The end of a rather stressful year at North Devon District Hospital in Barnstaple, England. This collage is of sketches completed by myself during this year’s Covid Epidemic! We’re all hoping that 2021 will be better for everyone, in the last few days most of us have had our Covid Vaccinations. This post is dedicated to those we’ve sadly lost during 2020, although not related to Covid, memories of them will remain ever present! Al

Roborough Hill.

Another picture inspired from Roborough near Pilton, Barnstaple. I’m using some broken sticks from the hill to create some surface texture. This is painted using Bideford Black hand prepared paint on thick cartridge paper. The view is of looking toward the top of road leading down to Raleigh and Barnstaple. In the distance there is a slight glimpse of the River Taw leading to Fremington Quay, Instow and Crow Point. Al

Roborough Hill.

A couple of pictures from my latest foray up the very steep Roborough Hill near Pilton in North Devon. I’ve slightly tinted the black and white images to give them that look of an old school 1930s travel book. I remember, as a boy, looking through those old musty picture books of the world and it was from these very books that fuelled my inspiration to travel. These pictures will eventually become large Bidiford Black paintings.

Roborough Hill

The main reason why I was there today was to pick a place to photograph the Spitfire flying over the country’s hospitals with ‘THANK U NHS’ under it’s wings. I decided to return down the hill and finally took the picture below.

Spitfire over North Devon District Hospital

Staff of the NHS Barnstaple, North Devon.

Presently I’m working on a series of sketches of some of my colleagues at North Devon District Hospital at Raleigh Park, Barnstaple. Pen and Ink on thick cartridge paper. So far I’ve drawn ODPs (Operating Department Pratitioners), a member of our Support Staff and Recovery Nurses. I’m also experimenting with Uni-Ball Needle Pens and the moment instead of my usual traditional knib or Staedtler fine draughting pens!

Roborough Road.

This is the final stage of this acrylic on gesso primed hardboard 1000 x 450 mm. The subject the top of Roborough Hill looking back down to Barnstaple and a fantastic view all the way back up the River Taw to the coast. I use this as a cycle route during lockdown and this view is ten minutes from my home in Pilton, North Devon. As usual the titanium white paint stands out too much due to photography! Al

Roborough Hill.

A painting in Bideford Black of Roborough Hill in North Devon. During this lockdown time I’ve been trying to find a quiet cycle route for my daily exercise. I’ve found this place at the top of a very steep Roborough Hill. From here the view is amazing with a panorama out over Barnstaple. I’m also quite pleased that I can cycle this hill in my main cog at the grand old age of 62 lol. This is painted on Bockingford paper and the image size in 640 x 410 mm.

Roborough Hill.

Another Bideford Black painting this time of Roborough Hill ten minutes from where I live. I cycle all the way up to the top where you get some sensational panoramic views out over Barnstaple and the River Taw! Early stages at the moment. Al

2019 the end of a busy year!

Well it’s the end of a rather busy year with many new friends and contacts made. I’ve broadened horizons and am very appreciative to the people who’ve visited my exhibitions and purchase some of my artistic anxieties!

I’d like to thank Josie Lloyd for inviting me to the wonderful Hatherleigh Festival and to Alan Beaman for allowing me to exhibit at Commerce House, see you next year as a visitor. Love staying in Hatherleigh, a special place!
Than you to Peter Stiles and the Plough Arts Centre for allowing me to exhibit on your artist’s wall. Perhaps one day upstairs?
Thanks to Stella Levy for the encouragement, to North Devon Art Trek and allowing me to be part of the final night at the White Moose Gallery, a sad loss to North Devon!
A special thank you to Adrian Beasley for arranging and providing some forward drive with regard photography and art exhibitions.
To the Pilton Arts Group for allowing me to exhibit during the North Devon Art Trek!
To the Burton Gallery in Bideford for choosing me to be a small part of their Christmas Exhibition.
Finally, a great thank you for the encouragement, purchases and positivity from everyone who knows me and my work. Not too sure what 2020 will bring but hopefully more of what happened in 2019! Al