At the end of the beach boardwalk heading towards the Crow Point Carpark there is a a little pond of brackish water on the left. It is here where the brightly coloured damsel and dragon flies hover during the warm spring and summer. With this painting I’m trying to capture that Tulgey Wood sense of dark foreboding. I’ve also made a dark brushstroke across the sky to hint at a starling murmuration. This composition is in Bideford Black on thick cartridge paper, with some scraping and pigment removal.

When using this medium I often apply the paint using twigs, rags and stiff brushes with which to spatter fine specks. I also use scalpel blades, course and fine sandpapers and cotton buds to soften and remove pigment, in fact anything to create depth and texture to the composition. It helps to have a strong resilient paper with which to do so.

Along the boardwalk to the beach.

img_1649Another painting in Bideford Black paint with some added sgraffito, picture size 610 x 440mm on Bockingford paper.  This was painted after a visit to Crow Point in North Devon.  After driving along a toll road you park and walk along this boardwalk to the point where you usually get the beach to yourself.  This beach gives you wonderful views of Instow, Appledore and Westward Ho due to its position at the entrance to both Torridge and Taw Estuaries.  Spend many happy times here building driftwood fires and watching the sunsets.  Al