Essence of Dartmoor.

The finished acrylic 600 x 300mm on gesso panel.  A little laboured and glad it’s done I think I’ll return to canvas as the surface suits my painting style.  This image is of a scene on Dartmoor although it’s actually two different locations photoshopped together to create and essence!  A little like those Roger Dean album covers he did for the band Yes!  Very difficult to photo the actual colours as, again, the titanium white overpowers the image.

The essence of Dartmoor.

Again this is me playing with adobe photoshop to created some form of composition. The images that comprise this picture are from a visit to Two Bridges on Dartmoor at the beginning of this pandemic in March. I use adobe as a form of preparatory sketching to finalise the painting to be. I love these wind blown trees and often when I use them they allude to those Yes albums by Roger Dean, unintentionally I may add! Al

Ill Wind Over Dartmoor.

An acrylic on 1000 x 700mm canvas. Inspired by an isolated walk over Dartmoor during the early part of the Corona Virus Pandemic. My son and I visited the moor with hand sanitiser and kept well away from the few people that where there. This is of Littaford Tors near Wistman’s Woods. I have added the devil blowing an ill wind from the inspiration of that day! Al