My wife Donna had a jewellery making course in Colyton in Dorset so I decided to tag along and then travel on to visit Lyme Regis and hunt for some ammonite fossils. The weather was rather cloudy but soon the sun came out and I edged my way along the pebbly beach, dodging the outgoing tide’s waves. It was wonderful looking at the ammonite fossils in the large rocks and there is an area where they carpet the whole area. With my geological hammer I managed to find some fossils along with a special ammonite preserved in quartz crystals. To add to the day a Chinook Helicopter flew up and down the coast a few times, I’m sure the pilots had a great view over the Dorset Coast.

Durdle Door in Dorset.

A wonderful afternoon spent at Durdle Door in Dorset England.  Warm spring sunshine and clear blue skies, although in a lot of places in England there was heavy rain.  It appears that this area a Dorset has a microclimate that promotes clement weather.  On one side of the rock is Durdle Door with it’s famous stone arch and on the other Man Of War Bay.  After a few visits I think I prefer the latter.  To get there don’t go to Lulworth Cove and walk, go up to the campsite on the hill and walk down it’s a much shorter walk. Al  ps Paintings to follow!