Well now it seems like Glastonbury 2022 is going ahead. So as usual I’m working as a veteran with the Recycling Crew and will reside in Tom’s Field near Worthy Farm; Tom’s Field is named after the horse that used to live there! We have a large marquee where we have wonderful free vegetarian food and entertainment, not to mention the wonderful local Singing Cider. We’re pretty self contained so we could just stay there and still have a fantastic festival. I love meeting up with old Festival friends, drinking the cider and chatting by our camp fire. So fingers crossed that all things will go ahead! Al

Glastonbury 2020?

Sadly this year’s Glastonbury Festival was cancelled due to Corona Pandemic; 50 years anniversary since 1970. I usually work every year at the festival with the fantastic Recycling Team and love the atmosphere in Tom’s Field where we workers spend time listening to live music, eating and drinking in Tom’s Bar. No public of course! We especially love the Singing Cider! Tom’s Field, if course, named after the horse that used to reside there. Well this year I noticed a video about Glastonbury by the artist Beans On Toast and the opening frames showed a scene which inspired me to sketched here in pastels. Well until next year 2010!

Billy Gibbons.


Billy Gibbons (Pen & Ink with some Bideford Black coal based pigment) 290mm x320mm.  Just a brief travel back to my draughtsman & illustration days to produce this study of the Famous Mr Gibbons from ZZ Top.  Managed to see them at this year’s Glastonbury Festival and still rocking!  Al

Photograph courtesy of Kerry Langford Photography & thanks for allowing me to draw.