Sunlight Through Low Cloud.

Pastel picture of Bideford/Barnstaple Bay (470mm x 300mm).  Now and again you rush and produce something like this.  Not very happy with the finished picture but there and again art is a moving and linear leaning process.  The particular lesson learnt here, don’t rush when you’ve only got limited time and observe, observe, observe! Time spent 45mins. Al

Original picture from a photograph from Facebook.  Not too sure who’s it was.

Westward Ho!

A quick pastel sketch from a photograph of Westward Ho from a magnificent picture off Facebook.  One thing about the North Devon Beaches is that you get magnificent reflections in the wet sand.  They’re full of wonderfully subtle colours and shapes an artists dream. (Pastel 470mm x 300mm). Al

ps Original photograph by Rob Elson.

Field Leading To Manning’s Pit.

DSC06786This is a mixed media painting of a wonderful stretch of English countryside near to where I live in Pilton, North Devon, England.  There is a rather sad fate hanging over it’s head as developers are hoping to build a housing estate on it.  For all residents this is a terrible thing to happen as most of us have spent our childhoods playing in the river, fields and woods of this beautiful area.  Let’s hope it stays that way for our children to enjoy too.