Pet Portraits.

I don’t usually paint or draw portraits of pets, let alone do commission work, but here is one of a friend’s Staffordshire Terrier in memorial.¬† This has been completed using Pen and Ink, pencil and Uni-ball Pens. Below is an acrylic of another friend’s Jack Russell painted some years ago.

Bradiford Village.

A pen and ink drawing I’ve found in one of my old portfolios. This is where I lived for 23 years with my wife until our twins arrived. We have many happy memories of this place our cottage was the third house down and was named after our old cat Bonnington’s Cottage! Picture dedicated to our late neighbours Lucy & Ken Marsh.

Midday At Bucks Mills.

18813637_1494718907245504_9195562976165650723_nBack to a little Pen & ink just to change the tempo for awhile. ¬†Midday at Bucks Mills a picturesque village on the North Devon coast in England. ¬†This leads down to a stoney beach where in bygone time there used to be a small harbour and limekilns. ¬†With a little licence i’ve added a few cow parsley plants to liven things up. ¬†The cabin in the middle of the picture is owned by the National Trust and used to be an artist’s retreat. ¬†Still used today although not as a residence.

I dedicate this picture to the memory of an old art teacher of mine, ‘James Paterson A.R.C.A. 1916 – 1986. ¬†Know to us as Jimmy’ ¬†who painted some wonderful watercolours of this village and the surrounding area



Billy Gibbons.


Billy Gibbons (Pen & Ink with some Bideford Black coal based pigment) 290mm x320mm.  Just a brief travel back to my draughtsman & illustration days to produce this study of the Famous Mr Gibbons from ZZ Top.  Managed to see them at this year’s Glastonbury Festival and still rocking!  Al

Photograph courtesy of Kerry Langford Photography & thanks for allowing me to draw.

Pilton Church.

1517394_751156304935105_7386878603416680607_nPilton Church February 2014.  My local church just behind where I live and twice a week we hear the bells.  Not a religious person but I love walking around the old graveyard here.  I am still trying to find a printer/scanner big enough to manage this picture.  My intention is to make a run of limited additions.

With my more Buddhistic and Eastern beliefs I’ve managed to incorporate a rather nice OM into the evergreen tree on the left.