Save Manning’s Pit!

A few pictures of a wonderful area close to where I live called Manning’s  Pit.  I live in a village called Pilton, North Devon.  Nearby is a wonderful stretch of water and woodland called Manning’s Pit.  This is under threat of development for a housing estate.  The people who intend this are property speculators, who like elsewhere, and have no sympathy for the local’s wishes.  We have grown up and played in these fields.  Our children have grown up and played in these fields and the area is a great community asset.  Please visit the Save Manning’s Pit page of Facebook and follow the directions to post a protest vote.  Please save Manning’s Pit!  Al

Diggin’ For Pignuts.

Well this evening my son and I decided to go out for a walk and dig for some Pignuts.  Finding them was quite easy amongst the buttercups.  With the use of a sharp stick my son Archie dug around the stem to tease out the root ball and pignut.  A very successful evening’s foraging.  Pignuts taste rather like hazelnut crossed with a carrot with a slight hint of hotness.  Better than watching the TV or the Laptop.  AL

Pignuts & Buttercups.

Quite a surprise today no rain, as promised, so a walk up to Manning’s Pit and Bradiford Water in the sunshine.  Buttercups were flowering and was informed that in this valley there are three different kinds.  White Pignut flowers were also out and with a sharp stick I dug up some pignuts and after a quick wash in the fresh water they tasted delicious.  I was also informed that Shakespeare wrote in The Tempest “I prithee, let me bring thee where crabs grow; and I with my long nails will dig thee pignuts” .

Also in Treasure island. “Dig away, boys,” said Silver with the coolest insolence; “you’ll find some pig-nuts and I shouldn’t wonder.” 

All in all another idyllic day Al.