Well now it seems like Glastonbury 2022 is going ahead. So as usual I’m working as a veteran with the Recycling Crew and will reside in Tom’s Field near Worthy Farm; Tom’s Field is named after the old horse that used to live there! We have a large marquee where we have wonderful free vegetarian food and entertainment, not to mention the wonderful local Singing Cider. We’re pretty self contained so we could just stay there and still have a fantastic festival. I love meeting up with old Festival friends, drinking the cider and chatting by our camp fires with the thump of distant music.
So almost two weeks to go and after a long lay off we’ll meet again in Tom’s Field and drink and remember lost friends and colleagues who’ll be missed! Al

I’m returning home to Glastonbury Town,
To fly so high I hope we never come down.
Oh come back to dreams and escape from strife,
A few days, an escape, from our hum drum life!

Roborough Hill.

Another picture inspired from Roborough near Pilton, Barnstaple. I’m using some broken sticks from the hill to create some surface texture. This is painted using Bideford Black hand prepared paint on thick cartridge paper. The view is of looking toward the top of road leading down to Raleigh and Barnstaple. In the distance there is a slight glimpse of the River Taw leading to Fremington Quay, Instow and Crow Point. Al

Ashford Sunset.

A quick timed acrylic sketch of the River Taw at Ashford Strand in North Devon. Painted on 400 x 400mm gesso panel. The original painting has much more subtle colouring. I needed to do this because my paintings are becoming more drawn out and laboured. I need them to become a little more honest and spontaneous. Al

Glen Etive.

IMG_E0815Recently I was having dinner with friends when I noticed a familiar image on their wall.  A photograph taken by my host Adrian Beasley of Glen Etive.  I recalled drawing this in pen & ink in the 1980s and decided to go in search for it.  After half an hour in my attic I discovered it wrapped up with some other Cornwall College of Art work but the original has sadly got some brown foxing on it.  After a little work on my laptop this is the old image renewed.  I was quite into stippling with a Rotring Inkpen at this time and had to constantly throw my eyes out of focus to unify the overall tones.  Quite laborious as you can imagine.  I can happily say that I do not use this type of rendering any more due to my aged and decrepit eyes!  Al

Avro Anson approaching RAF Chivenor 1941.

P1030386 copy copy (3)Another image in this WW2 photo montage series of planes flying from RAF Chivenor. This is what it may have looked like to see an Avro Anson flying low over the flood barrier heading back to RAF Chivenor, part of Coastal Command 1941.
My mother (who lived as a child in the cottage at Little Raleigh, Roborough, Barnstaple, North Devon) remembers an aircraft crashing into the wall opposite to where she lived, near to where the North Devon District Hospital now stands. Her brother Terrance visited the site the morning after and retrieved some of the clear perspex canopy. He then made rings inlaid with paste diamonds for some of the local girls in Derby. The account in now available from Robert Palmer MA, Titled The Last Flight of Avro Anson N9817. http://www.BritishMilitaryHistory.co.uk. January 15th 1940: Avro Anson 652 reg K6271. While on a night training mission, the crew was forced to attempt an emergency landing in a Barnstaple field for an unknown reason. At the time of the accident, the visibility was poor. The crew fate remains unknown. PLANE CRASH NEAR BARNSTAPLE Albert Percival Snelling 45, Pilot Killed: Engineer Rescued. MACHINE BURNT OUT: RICKS DESTROYED. The pilot lost his life and the other occupant was seriously injured when a twin engine aeroplane crashed which had for some considerable time been at Barnstaple and North Devon Aerodrome. Bureau Of Aircraft Accidents Archive.May 15th 1941: Avro Anson N9817. Crashes at Roborough, North Devon. Two pilots were killed as was an unfortunate road worker. The crash was documented as youthful exuberance. The had been performing a falling leaf manoeuvre and had sadly stalled their aircraft.August 27th 1941: A twin engine aircraft (probably an Avro Anson ) was reported “missing” in northern Cornwall, perhaps at Harland ; This plane was from Chivenor.July 4th 1958: VV362 Avro Anson, After taxiing in at RAF Chivenor, Devon, an ambulance was reversed in front of it to transfer a patient from the Anson. The pilot increased rpm to prevent oiling the plugs but the aircraft moved forward and struck the ambulance. The fuselage was twisted and the tail damaged. There were no injuries.October 17th 1960: WD451, Following an uneventful training mission from RAF St Athan, the crew mistakenly belly landed at RAF Chivenor. The aircraft slid for several yards before coming to rest and was damaged beyond repair. Both pilots were unhurt. The probable cause was thought to be that the crew mistakenly raised the landing gear on approach instead of lowering the flaps.

Bradiford Village.

img_1653A pen and ink sketch/drawing of the lovely village Bradiford in Barnstaple, North Devon.  We lived there for twenty three years and our cottage was the third one down on the left hand side.  I used to walk with my twins out towards Manning’s Pit a wonderful stretch of countryside with idyllic stream called Bradiford Water.  Sadly this is now in danger of crude development for housing.  A very sad loss to the community if planning goes ahead.  Al

Blue Pyramid.

IMG_5398 copyJust another large 100 x 100cm canvas with oils.  This time on the Pyramid Stage at the Glastonbury Festival.  I don’t think that oils are quite my forte so I will probably return to acrylics.  Oddly enough the previous Red Pyramid, and this Blue Pyramid are of the same band on different festivals 2011 & 2016. Al