The hill above Saunton.

img_1674An experiment in acrylic painting techniques that I’ve discovered on Youtube.  The use of paper dabbing, ragging, sgraffito and sandpaper, I’ve even used a surgical scalpel.  The aim is to created many transparent layers to great depth and texture.  This image is a view from the top of Saunton Hill looking out over Saunton Sands and on to the distant Westward Ho.  You get that wonderful glow of cadmium yellow Gorse flowers during the year which is always a striking scene.  This painting is a mixed media using acrylic, wax and watercolour pencils.  The surface is an MDF panel measuring 400 x 400mm covered in a coarse gesso brushwork.  It’s been a fun day.  Al

Croyde Bay

IMG_5577 copy
Croyde Bay.  Acrylic on panel 600 x 600mm.  Caught sight of the sun breaking through the spring foliage and loved the play of light on the grass.  This is a view you would see if you left Ruda Holiday Park and walked through the back way to the Thatch Pub in Croyde Village.  Haven’t painted for about three weeks and found this a little warm up painting for another large Glastonbury painting!  Al