An image from the past.

Whilst looking through one of my hard drives I came across this image of an old, and rather large watercolour of mine. It is of Wringcliff Beach at the bottom of The Valley Of Rocks in North Devon, painted about 1980. I recall placing this on ebay for sale with no reserve, some lucky person in Lynton picked this up for £10, well you live and learn. Al

My children on Woolacombe Sands.

Painted as a watercolour sketch on Woolacombe Beach many years ago! Our twins are soon to be 16 years old, where has all that time gone? If you can remember the BBC series The Likely Lads….
Oh, what happened to you?
Whatever happened to me?
What became of the people we used to be?
Tomorrow’s almost over
Today went by so fast
The only thing to look forward to is the past? 😎

Not completely true to us but we’ll see! Al

Mary Tavy.

This was painted in 2003 returning from a trip to Plymouth. Watercolour on Bockingford.

A favourite scene of mine on the way back from Plymouth. After passing through Tavistock and Mary Tavy you come across an old tin mine down on your right called Wheal Betsy. I’ve never stopped until last night when my son and I stopped, parked the car and walked down to take some pictures, much to my wife and daughter’s disgust. Below are the results, perhaps some future paintings! Al

Mary Tavy in 2019.

Leaving Tavistock.

IMG_5774Leaving Tavistock.  When you leave Tavy and head back towards North Devon you approach a stretch of road with chimneys of old tin mines in a valley to your right.  On a trip back from a weekend in Plymouth I glanced into my car mirror and glimpsed this view.  I quickly pulled into a layby and with just a biro sketched this image and made a few colour notes on a scrap of paper.  This pure watercolour was painted in July 2003, fifteen years ago, and still remains one of my own favourite picture for which I’m immensely proud.  It is still in my own collection.  Al

Crow Point Between The Storms.


Mixed media painting using acrylic, watercolour & pastel (530mm x 370mm).
A wonderfully exposed beach and dune area where the rivers Taw & Torridge meet in North Devon.  Usually quiet and not too crowded.  It’s also a nature reserve and training area for the Royal Marines.  It is slowly being eroded by the elements along with its ship wrecks.  Please see my The Sea Mack at Crow Point pen and ink drawing.  The picture on the left is the home of it’s new owner a perfect setting I think.