Surfing Before The Storm.

dsc00835An odd thing happened with regard this painting.  I saw it on an old friend’s website who teaches surfing in North Devon and liked it so much I asked if I could paint it.  I asked if it was his photo he said it was and I completed this picture in my own Bideford Black Pigment.  Later I had a message from the actual surf photographer who took the picture.  He is  a local surf photographer called Rob Tibbles (check out his pictures they’re awesome).  A bit red faced I explained what happened and he was quite a chap about it.  All the same I withdrew this picture from my site because I hadn’t asked the right person permission in the beginning.  Rob liked the picture and said he didn’t mind if I kept it but for me that was not good.  Hence this is no longer for sale just in a dusty drawer in my studio.  The original photo was entitled Puff The Magic Dragon, hence the sky!  By the way check out the original photo my picture certainly doesn’t do justice to it.  AL

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