Blackpool Beach.

DBA7519D-CFE4-409C-A8E1-0A4A1D8BA07APerhaps a venture into prints. A painting from a few years ago of Blackpool Beach near Hartland in North Devon. Original on the left and the print on the right.   Print price £80 excluding postage. Al

78CCC957-2288-4620-AE33-E59AD9F4F86BBlue Pyramid from my Glastonbury Festival series. Looking forward to working there again in 2019.  Print price £50 excluding postage.  Al

The original is now owned by a great friend called Jim, the a son of a great friend called Mike.  Have a great Christmas and I’m sure we’re both really pleased with the outcome!  Mike & Jim Gardner, Glastonbury Festival for ever!  Al

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