A painting of Combesgate Beach in North Devon. Acrylic on canvas 810 x 390mm, that’s 32 x 15 1/4″ in old money. Combesgate Beach is special stretch of sand just around the rocks from Barricane Beach near Woolacombe. When the tide is in not much of the beach can be seen, but at low tide, the golden sand, rock formations and views out to sea and Morte Point are breath taking. In the middle of this picture is The Watersmeet Hotel and dotted along the ridge are houses overlooking the view, I also like to surf the wave here on my longboard and it is known a little as ‘an old man’s break’.

4 thoughts on “COMBESGATE

  1. Hi Al I was intrigued to see this drawing for you artwork as we stayed in that place recently. It is a stunning cove and we really enjoyed the whole area. i can see why you paint the are often! Although our first visit to North Devon we do plan to be back. We live in Kent where I paint watercolours, so here are a few from that visit which you may like to see. Mostly ink and was but a couple of larger 14 by 10 inch watercolours. I do enjoy looking at your work a lot, very fresh and beautifully painted. Thanks for sharing it. Best regards Brian Tucker



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