Pyramid Fire.

IMG_0548 copyThe latest in the Glastonbury Festival series.  Oil on canvas 36 x 36″.  I usually work at the festival with the recycling crew and thoroughly enjoy the week but this year it’s sadly not on, so instead of going i’ve painted.  This is a commission piece but hopefully the new owner will allow me to run off some prints.  Al


Pyramid Stage No3.

IMG_5659 copy copy
A large canvas 48″ x 30″ acrylic.  The third in my Glastonbury Festival pictures.  A large composition for my room.  Love this image from Matt Cardy the photographer of Coldplay in full action on the Pyramid Stage.  This painting was photographed on my iPhone although titanium white becomes too pronounced and other subtle colours lost.  A useful lesson learnt here was Paynes Grey; it varies greatly from company to company!  I usually use Liquidex but ran out and used Cryla instead.  Wrong…Cryla’s colour was brown and looked quite dirty compared to the blue/black of Liquidex, see below for colour comparison.  You live and learn.  For prominent colours don’t change mid painting!   Al

Blue Pyramid.

IMG_5398 copyJust another large 100 x 100cm canvas with oils.  This time on the Pyramid Stage at the Glastonbury Festival.  I don’t think that oils are quite my forte so I will probably return to acrylics.  Oddly enough the previous Red Pyramid, and this Blue Pyramid are of the same band on different festivals 2011 & 2016. Al