Leaving Tavistock.

IMG_5774Leaving Tavistock.  When you leave Tavy and head back towards North Devon you approach a stretch of road with chimneys of old tin mines in a valley to your right.  On a trip back from a weekend in Plymouth I glanced into my car mirror and glimpsed this view.  I quickly pulled into a layby and with just a biro sketched this image and made a few colour notes on a scrap of paper.  This pure watercolour was painted in July 2003, fifteen years ago, and still remains one of my own favourite picture for which I’m immensely proud.  It is still in my own collection.  Al

4 thoughts on “Leaving Tavistock.

  1. Hi Al,

    I really enjoy getting your news letter and love your work. I have been asked to be a guest curator for Musgrove hospital in April 2019. We have a working title of “Coast” so of course your work came straight to mind. Any work that I choose has to go through a selection process still but I thought I would contact you to see if you would be interested. The gallery within the hospital space sells consistently charging a 20% commission. I probably need to tell you a little about myself. I am a practicing artist and art tutor. I have recently moved to Devon, well 18 months ago. I am a great believer in continued learning and have myself just completed the first year of a three year MA in Contemporary Art Practice at Plymouth Uni. My practice is concerned with the human connection to the landscape and having had a fairly traditional practice for some years I have enjoyed exploring a changing my approaches over this last year. One of my aims is to become much more collaborative and this exhibition is part of that ongoing aim.

    It would be very good to have your work as part of the exhibition.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    With kind regards,


    Deborah Last http://www.deborahlast.co.uk Facebook: Deborah Last Artist Art Holidays and Classes Devon Instagram: debs_last



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