Wave Study.

IMG_6023A painting of a wave made in the beautiful weather we’re having at the moment.  I decided to produce a timed study to try and loosen up my work.  Hassled by horseflies and heat I came up with a partially successful composition.  Sadly  I decided to make a few adjustments a few days later and managed to lose the spontaneity and freshness.  It was discarded, the canvas broken and thrown away.  You win some you lose some and you learn!  It’s all part of the stressful  and creative process that people don’t consider when they purchase your work.  Al

3 thoughts on “Wave Study.

  1. Hi Al,

    I wonder if you received my previous email about exhibiting as part of a collaboration at Musgrove Hospital. Please can you let me know if you are not interested in this.



    Deborah Last http://www.deborahlast.co.uk Facebook: Deborah Last Artist Art Holidays and Classes Devon Instagram: debs_last



    1. I thought I’d already answered Deb so sorry. Sadly I won’t be able too as I’ve an exhibition coming up and some commissioned community work to be going along with. But thank you for your enquiry. I’m also really rubbish at keeping up with emails so sorry! Al


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