Picture from the 70s.

IMG_E0246 copyJust watched this being talked about on the Antiques Roadshow. ‘Oh this is an oil painting from many years ago painted by a rather odd painter from the west-country called Al Brown. Perhaps 1977ish in what is known to be his rather manic blue phase. I know we shouldn’t but let’s talk price, you say you purchase this for £2.50 at an auction in Exeter? Well you’ll be pleased you to know that you‘ve got a rather good return for your investment. It’s actually worth now, and we’re talking today’s prices, a breathtaking £2.55!’ The BBC camera pans away as the audience gasps!

On a more serious note I painted this oil in my mid teens and it’s resided in an old room.  I discovered it today and took this picture.  Well I quite like this and perhaps I’ve not really travelled on much!  But who knows….Al

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