Bristol Beaufighters in North Devon.

The image above is of Blackpool Mill Cottage at Hartland in North Devon.  Images of the planes are from the Imperial War Museum Archive.  The people are from Google Images of people receiving supplies during a WW2 airdrop.  The cottage has been used in many films and TV dramas and is an image of mine.

final (2)

The image above is as if you happened to be cycling around the Braunton Marsh in North Devon during the second world war. RAF Chivenor is very close to the marsh and seeing such scenes must have been common place. Original aircraft image taken from Google Images and the marsh picture is one of mine.

In July 1942 three squadrons of Bristol Beaufighters were located at RAF Chivenor in North Devon to offer protection to shipping in the Bay of Biscay and to undertake anti submarine duties.  These comprised of 235, 236 & 248  Squadrons of the RAF. Wikipedia

The cockpit of a Beaufighter 252 Squadron RAF Chivenor Imperial War Museum.
A Beaufighter and personnel of 235 Squadron, October 1942. North Devon Gazette.

3 thoughts on “Bristol Beaufighters in North Devon.

  1. In the photo of 235 Squadron (We Strike Them To The Ground) my uncle John Charles “Jack” Warburton is seen standing on the wing (left). He and Navigator/Observer Edward “Teddy” Sillitoe were killed 17 January 1943 when their Beaufighter crashed in heavy weather in Cornwall.


    1. Oh how sad Odie. There were sadly a lot of crashes around Chivenor & North Devon. There was crash of an Avro Anson near to where I live in Pilton and will post a similar picture of that occasion. Al


      1. My wife and I visited September last, and met up with Graham Moore and Robert Palmer who do a lot of commemorations at crash sites. Sad that these young men lost their lives protecting England’s coastline.

        Is it possible to purchase prints of your work?


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